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Design is a process of creative surprises with a series of steps and stages. The Dot Star team works with you at every stage to identify your needs, and then creates a "clear" solution that not only meets these needs, but also exceeds them in ways you might not have considered.

Therefore, take some time to review our process and the issues we address. We hope that the following will be helpful to you as you identify scope of your next project.

Building a successful communication sometimes requires asking difficult questions. We analyze the objectives of the project and ask the key question: What are we trying to accomplish? What are we trying to convey? Are there critical time frames? If we fail to do effectively address these critical questions, all subsequent effort is wasted. We want to know the reason for the job, the intent, the business purpose, and the design concept. In this way we can bring more to the job than just our design abilities.

While the process looks deceptively simple, it requires creative talent, insight and intuition, which is something that can not always be measured in developing concepts, our design team explores a range of creative ideas that effectively communicate your business goals and identity. We believe that effective design should communicate a clear message; not simply exist for its own sake. After all, what is the point of a design if you can not understand it, regardless of how beautiful it might be?

When ready, the first round of designs is presented to you for review. Subsequent rounds are usually necessary to refine the selected design solution until the "clear" design is chosen.

Think, See, then Respond


Documents are built, copy is reviewed, pages are assembled, links are made, images are finalized, and the database, if necessary, is implemented. You will be able to view the project in its entirely.

As the client your input is crucial during this stage. Whatever we are presenting a working version of your web site, or a printed prototype of your brochure, you will be able to approve all of the design elements to make any appropriate corrections. Once these are finalized we can proceed to completion.


To provide consistency and accountability, our technical and creative tem is accessible to you through every phase of the development process; ensuring products will be delivered on time and on budget.

Partnerships with suppliers are essential to our collaborative approach. we work closely with our suppliers in firm and web, to put together solutions that meet your creative and budget expectations. These alliances enable us to deliver cutting-edge multimedia and creative print packages that will help your business penetrate new markets, offer more services, and harness your corporate resources.

At The Dot Star, we gauge our success on your satisfaction. To strike a balance between artistry and impact, our relationship begin by understanding your business, your customers, and your unique products and services. Every details, from concept through to execution and delivery, is designed to give you more than you expected. Our job is complete only when all of your objectives are met.
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